Felting needles, set of 3, 36-gauge triangle tip

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I am so excited to offer some of my favorite felting supplies for sale! These felting needles are the exact type I use every day for my professional felting work.

They are top-quality U.S.-made needles, and I've found them to break less frequently than any other brand I've tried over the years!

These felting needles are 36-gauge triangle, which I use with wool roving of all textures.

Caution: Felting needles are incredibly sharp; keep out of reach of children.

Pro tip: Keep your eyes on your work as you needle-felt; it's very easy to accidentally stab your fingers (I still manage to do this occasionally myself, even after all these years of practice!). Make sure to keep them in a place where they will be safe from accidental discovery by children. :)

If you're interested in a different number of felting needles for your set, feel free to reach out and let me know! Each needle is $2.25, and I am happy to put together a custom quantity.

These needles will be packed carefully to avoid breakage during shipping. Store in a dry place to prevent rust.

They are ready to ship now!

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